Open Letter to Congress:


Dear Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Reid:

We are writing as parents who care deeply about the future of our children. We are also writing as Democratic and Republican parents, who stand in unanimity to support the healthy messages and skills that are intrinsic to Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Abstinence Education.

A recent survey paints a picture of where we, concerned parents, stand on the issue of sex education. It shows that regardless of party affiliation or race, we support the way that SRA Abstinence Education handles the topics surrounding sex education. This same survey showed that neither Republican nor Democratic parents support the elimination of abstinence education programs from federal sex education policy.
The survey shared the fact that we are united in our support for more equality in funding between “comprehensive” sex education and SRA Abstinence Education. Currently that funding disparity stands at 16:1.

We want what is best for our children and it is unfortunate that somewhere along the line, politics became involved in this debate. Congress must put the emphasis back where it should be – back on the health of our children. We urge you to do this by working together, in a bipartisan way, to place priority on SRA Abstinence Education and provide more equal funding for the two sex education approaches. In that way, the policies you approve will finally be in line with what we support as parents. Indeed, it is what most parents want.

Very Sincerely,


The National Abstinence Education Foundation & Concerned Parents Across the Nation